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Korora 27 reaches End of Life

As Korora uses Fedora as the base for our distribution we follow the Fedora Project's life cycle. Consequently Korora 27 will reach it's End Of Life status on the 27th of November. Although there was no Korora 27 release it was possible to upgrade to 27 and many people did that.

What Makes Korora Great for You

With the community pushing the development of Korora there is a chance for you to contribute to development. Jeremiah has been producing Korora 28 ISOs and now wants to know what makes Korora great for you.

IRC Issues

We use IRC (internet chat relay) for both communication with contributors and for support. Unfortunately our IRC provider Freenode (and we believe others too) has been suffering from a sustained spam attack over the last few days. Our channel is an important way of maintaining contact so we needed to fight back and protect it.

The Community is Working on Korora 28

As most people will know the Korora team has been having a break for the last few months. One of our community members wasn't happy about this and stepped up to produce a Korora 28 release. We welcome the support and ask that the rest of the community help out by testing the ISO and providing feedback.

Time for a break.

Dear Korora community,

We would first like to thank each and every one of you that ever took the time to download our little project, install it and provide some feedback, positive or otherwise. It's people like you that genuinely make the project worthwhile. To build something and have others use it is one of the most rewarding endeavours we've ever felt.

Important News on Future Korora Releases

For the past few years Korora has released a new version in line with each Fedora version. That means that approximately twice a year we prepare, test and create 5 different ISO versions. This is as well as, among other things, developing new projects, supporting existing releases and planning the future versions. As each team member has different skills some tasks, such as development, can only be done by one person.

Protect Yourself from Meltdown

If you have heard of the Meltdown vulnerability you may be wondering how to protect your Korora system. One of the advantages of Korora being built on Fedora is the quick response in situations like this. Fedora has the necessary security updates available now. All you need to do is to update your Korora 26 system.

Korora 25 "Gurgle" Reaches End Of Life On The 12th Of December

As Korora uses Fedora as the base for our distribution and thus follows the Fedora Project's life cycle, Korora 25 “Gurgle” will reach it's End Of Life status on the 12th of December, 2017.

Korora 27 codename has been given and development started.

Exciting times are ahead for our upcoming release here at the Korora Project.

Korora 26 is Here!

The Korora Project is pleased to announce the release of version 26 (codename "Bloat") which is now available for download. Korora 26 continues the tradition of having codenames based on characters from "Finding Nemo". Existing Korora users can upgrade to 26 "Bloat", see our Upgrade Guide.