Changes at Korora Project

It is said that the only constant is change and so it is at Korora. There have been a couple of changes recently. First our Project lead, Chris Smart, is taking an indefinite break from the project. Chris still supports the aims of Korora but for personal reasons and to allow more time for other challenges he is taking a break. He has the full support of the rest of the team to expand his horizons. Ian Firns (aka firnsy) has taken on the leadership of the project in addition to his development role.

Also former Team Member Maik Adamietz has returned to the active team after a short break. He is already at work on the planning for Korora 26. His return was very welcome especially in light of Chris' absence.

What does this mean for Korora and You?

Not a lot for Korora really. The team still plan to produce the best Fedora remix with the addition of unique features like Canvas. Actually planning and preparation for Korora 26 is already underway.

For our Korora supporters there is an opportunity to be involved in the project. We are especially looking for people with the skills to maintain our existing projects such as our website and our MATE, Cinnamon and KDE editions of Korora. We also welcome contributions to our various projects such as Canvas.

But you don't need to have technical skills to be useful. As the release of 26 approaches we will need people to test and report issues. There is an ongoing need for people to provide support for other users on Engage or IRC. Also preparing guides for our documentation project. These don't need to be technical, guides for using the applications included in Korora are currently missing. Reviewing the existing documentation and providing feedback is important too.

If you are interested in helping in any way, even in ways we haven't mentioned, please contact us at with what you would like to do.

The email issue has been fixed. We look forward to hearing from you! Sorry for the inconvenience.