Farewell Pharlap

Korora "was born out of a desire to make Linux easier for new users" and one way of achieving that aim was the development of Pharlap, a tool for the simple installation of third party drivers. However times change and sadly it is time to say goodbye to Pharlap which will not be included in Korora 24.

This decision was not taken lightly and there are many reasons behind the move.

Firstly, the standard of open source drivers is always improving and many Korora users will not need to install proprietary drivers now. Korora is including more firmware packages than previously and hardware that would previously need configuration will now work out of the box. AMD has finally adopted an open source driver model with amdgpu, and efforts are starting to backport support for older cards. The old proprietary driver, fglrx, has not been supported in Fedora (via RPMFusion) for a few releases now.

The main use remains NVIDIA's proprietary driver, something which Pharlap was not always able to get right due to the support for different models. Given that NVIDIA is the main use, it's a lot of work to continue to maintain Pharlap this when a command like this (or install via yum extender) will suffice:

sudo dnf install akmod-nvidia

In short, Pharlap is less of a necessity than it was when Korora first appeared.

Pharlap also needs continuous updating to work with the latest hardware. Many new laptops on the market today come with switchable graphics such as NVIDIA's Optimus. Pharlap does not support the software and drivers required for these systems however and to do so would require a major update. The good news is that support for these graphics installations is improving with some major changes on the horizon, see https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/BetterSwitchableGraphicsSupport. Korora will benefit to these improvements in Fedora.

However, the main reason behind this decision is the limited resources of the Korora team. Our team is very small and so must choose carefully where to allocate our time. We have found that often an update to dnf or associated packages would stop Pharlap from working. By no-longer supporting Pharlap, we can free ourselves up to work on other exciting projects like Canvas.

Our team will always be willing to help with driver questions on Engage and our IRC channel.

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