IRC Issues

We use IRC (internet chat relay) for both communication with contributors and for support. Unfortunately our IRC provider Freenode (and we believe others too) has been suffering from a sustained spam attack over the last few days. Our channel is an important way of maintaining contact so we needed to fight back and protect it.

One way of blocking spam from our channel is to set the channel to allow only registered freenode users to join. This is Freenode's recommended method and has been successful. However it prevents any legitimate user with an unregistered nick from using our channel. We are sorry if this has inconvenienced you.

We plan to reset the channel to open when the spam attack stops. But we have no idea when that will be. Registering your nick isn't difficult and is recommended for all users. It protects your personal nick. Freenode provides a guide to registration so please register. We hope to see everyone back in the channel soon.

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