Korora 20 (Peach) released with a side of website refreshments

The Korora Project is pleased to announce the stable release of version 20 (codename "Peach") which is now available for download!

Korora 20 Release

This release brings with it a significant amount of work by the team and community to bring not two but ''five desktops'' that have been shaped for a genuine Korora experience. The additions of Cinnamon, MATE and Xfce represent the growth of our community and their contributions. Thank you to all who have contributed to make this possible.

A quick summary of the features within Korora 20 are recapped below:

  • GNOME 3.10 represents another iteration to the new desktop which is also targeting native Wayland support.
  • KDE Plasma Workspaces 4.11 brings a host of bug fixes, speed ups and improvements to the native applications including Kontact, KScreen and KGet.
  • Application Installer brings a new interface for installing packages in GNOME.
  • NetworkManager should be able to configure bond master and bridge interfaces with commonly used options and recognise their existing configuration on startup without disrupting their operation.
  • LVM has introduced thin provisioning technology, which provides greatly improved snapshot functionality in addition to thin provisioning capability. This change will make it possible to configure thin provisioning during OS installation.
  • Plasma-nm replaces the current network applet in KDE with a new one and bring the latest features in NetworkManager to KDE.
  • SSD Cache is updated thanks to the recent kernel to support (fast) SSD caching of (slow) ordinary hard disks.
  • VirtManager user interface for managing virtual machines has the ability to easily manage snapshots.

Website Refresh

For the past year our website, its content and forums have been trundling along on a WordPress (WP) backend. For the most part it was smooth sailing, however maintaining a cohesive experience with the uncoordinated barrage of WP core updates and additional third-party updates was starting to consume a significant amount of our time. We felt that we would rather spend that time on improving our experience.

After some brainstorming we decided we needed to lighten the backend and tailor a solution that would best suit our needs. We had a play with Django and some PHP frameworks but in the end settled on an awesome framework in the Perl community called Mojolicious by Sebastian Riedel. Long story short, our backend is significantly smaller, easier to maintain and adapts quickly to the services we're looking to implement down the track.

The old website is still active but has been moved to https://archive.kororaproject.org. We intend to keep it around for a while until we have sorted out any teething problems. Thus, this is the place to go for any existing forum threads you might be interested in.


If you're already a registered member of the forums then you will be able to use the same credentials. However, you will experience a one time migration activation upon the first login. This will help us to weed out all the spam users we accrued over that time.


We have replaced the old forums with a custom Forum/StackExchange/UseResponse/Ask hybrid that we have dubbed Engage. In essence it is still very forum-ish with a more specific and shallow category hierarchy and promotes better tagging (if you want your responses to be found).

It consists of four broad types of queries you can post:

  • Ideas, for all your awesome ideas to make us better.
  • Problems, for bug reports and other things that don't seem quite right.
  • Questions, for things you're unsure about and would like clarification.
  • Thanks, for giving back a little love.

Once you've created a post, it is essentially like a forum topic where replies can be posted as per normal. The original author can then accept approved answers which will raise it to the top.

Future plans include the ability to vote up replies and solutions (similar to Stack Exchange) to facilitate better responses.

Like any new custom system there may be issues, but please bear with us and let us know if you run into any problems so that we can quickly improve it.


We don't build Korora inside a box, we need your help! Bug reports are especially helpful – if you encounter any issues, please report them! Korora is a fantastic, friendly community, and we have many ways in which you can contribute. Please send us feedback via Engage or log a bug report if you have any issues. Of course you can find us on social media like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.