Korora 21 (Darla) Beta - Now Available

The Korora Project is very pleased to announce that the first beta release of version 21 (codename "Darla") is now available for download.

Although this is a beta release of Korora, it is derived from Fedora 211 stable and should be ready for every day use. We are keen however, to hear any issues people encounter so that we can improve it for the final release. Feel free to bombard us on social media or log a report in our support system, Engage.

Thanks to our continued support from core contributors Maik Adamietz (DarkEra) and Jim Dean (ozjd) we have been able to retain our Xfce and Cinnamon editions for another cycle. Unfortunately, due to the lack of any active maintainers we have decided to drop the MATE edition.

It has been almost a year since our last release and we have spent a lot of time developing some new core technologies which lay the groundwork for some exciting features in the future. Korora 21 sees the debut of "Lens" which we'll explain in detail over the coming weeks.


Cinnamon 2.4

This new release of Cinnamon targets a smoother experience, improved settings and updates to the file manager, nemo. Refer to the Cinnamon Release Announcement for more details.

GNOME 3.14

GNOME 3.14 brings revised weather, captive portal handling and its updated package management tool, called Software. Photos now supports many more online accounts and Media server accounts provide access to home media servers via DLNA. GNOME 3.14 also has improved support for the Wayland compositor. Refer to the GNOME Release Notes for more details.

KDE Software Compilation 4.14.3

A modern, stable desktop environment, KDE 4.14 sees a large number of improvements but fewer new features as development focus shifts to the new KDE Frameworks 5 (expected to be the default in Korora 22). Refer to the KDE Software Compilation Announcement for more details.

Xfce 4.10.1

This release mainly focused on polishing the desktop and improving the user experience in various ways. The application finder has been completely rewritten and now supports creating custom actions matching a prefix or regex pattern. The Panel has seen improvements including a Deskbar mode where the panel is aligned vertically but the plugins are laid out horizontally which works really well on systems with wide screens. Refer to the Xfce Tour for more details.

But wait, there's more ...

Derived from Fedora 211, Korora benefits from Fedora's long tradition of bringing the latest technologies to open source software users.

A complete list with details of each new inherited feature is available at the Fedora 21 Change Set page.

  • Ruby 2.1 Language changes to Ruby 2.1 include the default values of keyword arguments can now be omitted, suffixes for integer and float literals, and def-expr now returns the symbol of its name. To Ruby 2.1's core are new methods, the RGenGC generational garbage collector, new environment variables, bignum performance improvements, standard library updates, and plenty of other changes.
  • OpenCL support has been added through enabling the OpenCL/Clover state tracker within Mesa by default, shipping POCL for OpenCL support on CPUs, and packaging other OpenCL-related open-source Linux codes.
  • Terminal has a set of additional features, including: support for transparent backgrounds, automatic title updates to help you identify different terminals and a simple toggle for disabling shortcuts in the Terminal.


We don't build Korora inside a box. We need your help! Bug reports are especially helpful – if you encounter any issues, please report them! Korora is a fantastic, friendly community, and we have many ways in which you can contribute. Please send us feedback in the Engage or log a bug report if you have any issues. Of course you can find us on social media like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

What is the Beta release?

The Beta release is the last important milestone before the release of Korora 21. Join us in making this a solid release by downloading, testing, and providing your valuable feedback.

Of course, this is a beta release, meaning that some problems may still be lurking. A list of the problems already known can be found at the Common F21 bugs page.

1 Korora is not provided or supported by the Fedora Project. Official, unmodified Fedora software is available through the Fedora Project website.