Korora 26 codename has been given and development started.

Exciting times are ahead for our upcoming release here at the Korora Project.

For our next release, Korora 26, we have decided that the codename will be "Bloat" which continues the tradition of characters from Nemo. The development on Korora 26 and testing Canvas has just begun. For the upcoming release we will start using Canvas to build, maintain our ISO's and much more. You can read about Canvas on this page https://kororaproject.org/about/roadmap and on github to get an impression https://github.com/kororaproject/kp-canvas/blob/master/upstream/client/README.md. Over time changes and improvements will be made to both Canvas and it's documentation.

As always there's no ETA when Korora 26 will be ready. Under normal circumstances we release two to four weeks after Fedora published their stable ISO's. At Korora's end there will be a Beta first which then is followed by a stable release if everything works out well. Just keep a close eye on the news section of our site and of course the social media networks.

Stay tuned.

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