Korora 26 is Here!

The Korora Project is pleased to announce the release of version 26 (codename "Bloat") which is now available for download. Korora 26 continues the tradition of having codenames based on characters from "Finding Nemo". Existing Korora users can upgrade to 26 "Bloat", see our Upgrade Guide.


Cinnamon 3.4

This new release of Cinnamon includes lots of refinements to the popular desktop environment. Refer to the Cinnamon Release Announcement for more details.

GNOME 3.24

GNOME 3.24 brings a number of new features to the Gnome desktop including the new Night Light setting which reduces eye strain. Refer to the GNOME Release Announcement for more details.

KDE Plasma 5.10

KDE Plasma 5.10 gains a new default desktop view and improvements to the Task Manager among a long list of improvements. Refer to the KDE Plasma Release Announcement for more details.

Mate 1.18

This release completes the migration to GTK3 but also includes many new features. Refer to the Mate Release announcement for more details.

Xfce 4.12

This release mainly focused on polishing the desktop and improving the user experience in various ways. Several core applications have been updated. Refer to the Xfce Tour for more details.

But wait, there's more ...

We are always improving the range of included applications in Korora and from 26 all desktop environments now include a Backup solution. We know how important your data is to you so we wanted to make it easier for you to protect it. See the Backup guide in our Documentation section for details on making the best of these important utilities.

Derived from Fedora 261, Korora benefits from Fedora's long tradition of bringing the latest technologies to open source software users.

A complete list with details of each new inherited feature is available at the Fedora 26 Change Set page.

Known Issues

As usual, you can find a list of already known problems at the common F26 bugs page.

One additional issue only affects systems run in a Virtual Environment such as KVM. These systems don't boot but stop with the progress bar paused. This can be solved by setting the Video model to something other than QXL or alternatively removing RHGB from the kernel boot parameters.See this bug report for further details.

Some people using Xfce may find the Notifications are difficult to read. We recommend changing the Notifications theme to "default" in Settings - Notifications.

64 bit only, 32 bit Support Ends

Over the last few versions the demand for 32 bit has continued to decline. Starting with Korora 26, only 64 bit (x86_64) will be supported. If you have been running 32 bit Korora on 64 bit hardware we strongly encourage you to install the 64 bit version.


Korora 26 is the first version created using our own Canvas system. Over the next few versions Canvas will become a useful and powerful addition to the Korora Project. Stay Tuned!


We don't build Korora inside a box. We need your help! Bug reports are especially helpful – if you encounter any issues, please report them!

Another way of helping is our documentation project. We welcome all contributions, see https://kororaproject.org/support/documentation/contributing-to-documentation.

Korora is a fantastic, friendly community, and we have many ways in which you can contribute. Please send us feedback in the Engage or log a bug report if you have any issues. Of course you can find us on social media like Twitter & Google+.

1 Korora is not provided or supported by the Fedora Project. Official, unmodified Fedora software is available through the Fedora Project website.
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