New GUI Package Manager

Korora has always included a graphical package manager in all releases. For most versions this has been Yum Extender (aka Yumex) and later the version for dnf simply known as yumex-dnf. However recently the developer of Yumex-dnf announced that there would be no future development. Around the same time a new package manager designed specifically for dnf emerged, dnfdragora.

Dnfdragora is available in the repos. It was initially released for 25 and has just been added to the repos for 24. Development has been rapid since it was released and there is often a newer version in the testing repos. Dnfdragora can be installed with sudo dnf --enablerepo=updates-testing install dnfdragora-gui.

It is quite simple to use with a well laid out design and the basic functions can be found on the drop-down menus. A little exploring will be all most people need to work out how to use it. That is good as the help screens aren't available yet. However there is a man page available.

If you decide to give it a try let us know how it goes. Dnfdragora is being considered for inclusion in Korora 26 and later versions.

dnf package-manager yumex