Time for a Change

With the imminent release of Korora 25 the time for Korora 23 to reach EOL status also approaches. As a result Korora 23 is no longer be available for download.

Very soon the beta release of Korora 25 will be available for testing. It is planned that all 5 desktop environments will be available for 25. Yes KDE Plasma will make a return.

When 25 beta is released Korora 23 will no longer be available. The stable release of Korora 24 will still be available.

As always Korora is built on Fedora and so follows the Fedora release and support schedule. So with the release of 25 support for 23 will end about 4 weeks later. Anyone running 23 is encouraged to update to 24. All Korora 25 releases are for 64 bit systems only.

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