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Korora 26 is Here!

The Korora Project is pleased to announce the release of version 26 (codename "Bloat") which is now available for download. Korora 26 continues the tradition of having codenames based on characters from "Finding Nemo". Existing Korora users can upgrade to 26 "Bloat", see our Upgrade Guide.

Korora 24 Sheldon Reaches End Of Life On The 8th Of August

As Korora uses Fedora as the base for our distribution and thus follow the Fedora Project's life cycle, Korora 24 Sheldon will reach it's End Of Life status on the 8th of August.

How Korora is Used in Research

An interesting and unusual use of Korora in research. The article is on page 32 of the Full Circle magazine

I Need a Program that does This

Have you ever wondered which of the many included applications does the task you need to do? Korora is designed to provide a complete ready to go system and so includes applications to do all the common computer tasks. However having all those applications installed may be confusing to those new to Korora.

Engage Notifications

There are some issues with email notifications from our Engage support system at the moment.

Changes at Korora Project

It is said that the only constant is change and so it is at Korora. There have been a couple of changes recently. First our Project lead, Chris Smart, is taking an indefinite break from the project. Chris still supports the aims of Korora but for personal reasons and to allow more time for other challenges he is taking a break. He has the full support of the rest of the team to expand his horizons. Ian Firns (aka firnsy) has taken on the leadership of the project in addition to his development role.

Korora 26 codename has been given and development started.

Exciting times are ahead for our upcoming release here at the Korora Project.

New GUI Package Manager

Korora has always included a graphical package manager in all releases. For most versions this has been Yum Extender (aka Yumex) and later the version for dnf simply known as yumex-dnf. However recently the developer of Yumex-dnf announced that there would be no future development. Around the same time a new package manager designed specifically for dnf emerged, dnfdragora.

Korora 25 is Ready

The Korora Project has released version 25 (codename "Gurgle") which is now available for download.

Impatient for Korora 25?

We are busy preparing Korora 25 'Gurgle' for release but those who already have Korora 64 bit 24 or 23 installations don't have to wait.