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Korora 26 codename has been given and development started.

Exciting times are ahead for our upcoming release here at the Korora Project.

New GUI Package Manager

Korora has always included a graphical package manager in all releases. For most versions this has been Yum Extender (aka Yumex) and later the version for dnf simply known as yumex-dnf. However recently the developer of Yumex-dnf announced that there would be no future development. Around the same time a new package manager designed specifically for dnf emerged, dnfdragora.

Korora 25 is Ready

The Korora Project has released version 25 (codename "Gurgle") which is now available for download.

Impatient for Korora 25?

We are busy preparing Korora 25 'Gurgle' for release but those who already have Korora 64 bit 24 or 23 installations don't have to wait.

Time for a Change

With the imminent release of Korora 25 the time for Korora 23 to reach EOL status also approaches. As a result Korora 23 is no longer be available for download.

Check out these Korora Wallpapers

While Korora comes with a good selection of wallpapers if you want something special check out these Korora ones.

Korora 24 (Sheldon) is Now Available

The Korora Project has released version 24 (codename "Sheldon") which is now available for download.

Korora 22 Is About to Reach EOL

As Korora uses Fedora as the base for our distribution and thus follow the Fedora Project's life cycle, Korora 22 Selina will reach it's End Of Life status on 22nd July.

Farewell Pharlap

Korora "was born out of a desire to make Linux easier for new users" and one way of achieving that aim was the development of Pharlap, a tool for the simple installation of third party drivers. However times change and sadly it is time to say goodbye to Pharlap which will not be included in Korora 24.

When Adding a COPR repo to Korora Fails

The Fedora COPR repos are a great source of software that isn't (yet?) available in the regular repos. Some are new versions that will appear in future releases but are available now for testing. Some are very specialised software for which there is little demand.