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Korora 21 (Darla) Beta - Now Available

The Korora Project is very pleased to announce that the first beta release of version 21 (codename "Darla") is now available for download.

Korora 19 "Bruce" Reaches End Of Life

While it's always exciting and fun to publish news about the work on a brand new release, there is also some sad news to share....

Korora 21 development progress

As always we are working hard on the next Korora Project release to present our users an overall polished and smooth desktop experience.

KDE 4.13 gains Baloo

Korora 20 KDE has just been updated to KDE 4.13.3 and the update brings the new search system called Baloo. Baloo was written to answer many of the criticisms levelled at its predecessor Nepomuk. It is designed to be faster and most importantly use less resources.

Decorating kmod and akmod packages

Whilst developing Pharlap, our utility for easing the installation and removal of drivers, we came across a big hurdle that other distributions had seemingly solved. The hurdle was being able to identify packages that provide support for a particular piece of hardware. Our initial workarounds used a dedicated map and for a while it was sufficient but it wasn't ideal. Over time, the frustration of it's inelegance grew and thus began our journey to investigate a more elegant solution.

Package update bug, SELinux error

Korora Project would like to apologise for a bug in the upstream SELinux policy package which causes RPM scriptlets to fail when updating packages in version 20, our latest stable release.

How to upgrade from Korora 19 to 20

There were a few packages that needed updating before we could publish this, but now you can finally upgrade from Korora 19 to 20!

Korora 20 torrent files ready for download

The Korora Team is pleased to announce that from today, torrent files for Korora 20 are available from our download page.

Korora 18 "Flo" reaches EOL (end of life)

Korora 18 has now reached EOL and is no-longer supported.

Korora 20 (Peach) released with a side of website refreshments

The Korora Project is pleased to announce the stable release of version 20 (codename "Peach") which is now available for download!