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Korora 19 (Bruce) released

Well, the cat's out of the bag! We are pleased to announce that Korora 19 (Bruce) is now available for download, which for the first time ever coincides with the release of Fedora.

Korora 19 (Bruce) beta released

The Korora Project is pleased to announce the first beta release of version 19 (codename "Bruce") which is now available for download.

Korora 18 torrents available

Korora user Daemox has created some torrents for the 18 release. Details are available in the forums.

Korora 18 (Flo) released

We have decided to make the existing beta release of Korora (Flo) 18 the final version, as the beta period did not reveal any major issues which warranted a new build. The existing beta images have simply been renamed, so if you already have the beta you also have the final release.

Full Steam ahead!

If you've been hiding from the majority of the internet for the past few months you would be forgiven having not heard the exciting news on the Linux gaming front. After a multi-month beta-testing period, Valve have recently released the official Steam for Linux client.

The new Anaconda installer

Bug: KDE installer sometimes not loading

A couple of users have reported that running the installer under the KDE live image does not do any thing, i.e. the loading cursor appears run but no program loads. This does not appear to affect GNOME.

Korora 18 (Flo) beta released

The Korora Project is pleased to announce the first beta release of version 18 (codename "Flo") which is now available for download.

How to upgrade Kororaa 17 to Korora 18

If you're running Kororaa 17 then you can now upgrade to Korora 18 (beta, at time of writing) as the repositories have been pushed live. This is thanks to the new Fedora tool.

Welcome to the new home of Korora

The Korora Project team love Linux. The freedom and choice afforded by its vast ecosystem is second to none. We want Linux to be accessible and relevant to as many people as possible. The Korora Project is yet another evolutionary step in what started out as a small project (then Kororaa Linux, based on Gentoo) by Christopher Smart who wanted a perfectly capable and functioning system straight out of the box (without the compile time).