About. Meet The Team

The Korora Project is small, but we have a dedicated team and community.

We appreciate everyone who has come along and been a part of it, from our contributors, helpers and testers to IRC lurkers. Thank you to everyone who has downloaded Korora and helped to spread the word, you make it all worthwhile!

Core development team

Without our dedicated core team which work very hard, Korora would not exist. Thank you!

Chris Smart

Chris Smart


Founder and lead developer


Ian Firns

Ian Firns


Lead developer


Jim Dean

Jim Dean


Tester and support administrator


Maik Adamietz

Maik Adamietz


Tester and support


Active contributors

We would like to specifically recognise the following developers and community members for their contributions to the Korora Project.

  • Leigh (leigh123linux) – Cinnamon, nVidia and support
  • Michael Donnelly (mdonnelly) – All round development

Former contributors

Some have stopped by only briefly but have made significant contributions, which we would like to recognise.

  • Larry Cafiero (lcafiero) – Testing, documentation and evangelism (2014)
  • Dan Marshal (dan408) – MATE desktop (2013)
  • Jeremiah Summers (jmiahman) – KDE desktop (2013)

Korora avatars were built using Janina Himmen's create-a-character tool at SP Studio.