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If you are looking for a familiar working environment, KDE's Plasma Desktop offers all the tools required for a modern desktop computing experience so you can be productive right from the start.

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Beautiful looks

KDE's Plasma Desktop offers a beautiful looking desktop that takes complete advantage of modern computing technology. Through the use of visual effects and scalable graphics, the desktop experience is not only smooth but also pleasant to the eye. The looks of KDE Plasma Desktop not only provide beauty, they are also used to support and improve your computer activities effectively, without being distracting.

Shape the desktop the way you want it

Should you want the power to adjust your desktop to your needs, KDE Plasma Desktop allows you to do so with a few clicks of the mouse: you can add and arrange any number of widgets on your desktop and on your panels, depending on your needs. And if what you are looking for is not available, you can search among the thousands of available widgets online. Likewise, the visual appearance of the desktop can be changed rapidly and easily using visual themes, installed locally or fetched from the Internet.

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