Contributing to Documentation

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Contributing to Documentation

This section of the Korora web site is designed to provide all the information needed to obtain, install and use a Korora system. It is for you, the normal Korora user, and you can help achieve that aim by contributing suggestions and possibly documents. You don't need to be an expert to create a document, just share how you do what you do with Korora.

We are currently working on a new way to contribute using Github. You can preview it at but for now follow this guide to improve the documentation.


There are many subjects that aren't yet covered but we do have a few people willing to write documentation and we want to know what you need explained. Any subject that concerns Korora is suitable to be documented. See the list of suggestions we have already received. Just contact us at with your ideas.


We are especially interested in contributions that we can share with everyone. Any subject that involves Korora may be suitable. Look through the existing documentation and choose something that isn't already covered. However it is a great idea to check with us first as someone else maybe working on the same thing. See the list of suggestions.

We are also happy to accept improvements and updates to existing documents. Just contact us with the changes needed.

Submitting Contributions

Korora documentation uses the same syntax for formatting as Engage. However you don't need to worry about the syntax or even poor language skills as our team members are happy to edit and format the contributions before posting them. We just need you to share your knowledge. Even if you don't think you know very much, if you can do something that isn't covered we need your contribution. Others can enhance it later if needed. Just contact us at with your contributions and ideas.

Providing documentation is a simple and useful way you can contribute to Korora plus many people find they learn even more as they do it, so give it a go.