Contribution Guidelines

Table of Contents

This section provides Guidelines for those that wish to contribute to the Korora Documentation.

We welcome all contributions to the Korora Documentation and our preferred method is through our GitHub repo. When using that method please follow these guidelines. Anyone with any questions or unable to contribute in this format please contact us at

How To Contribute

If you wish to contribute to the Korora Docs via GitHub, first you must create a GitHub account if you have not already done so.

You must then fork the repo ( you will find the button at the top of the page).


You must then submit a pull request for any new documentation you may add, which will then be subject to review before inclusion. Korora documentation uses the same syntax for formatting as Engage. For both new documents and improvements / updates to existing documents please create one pull request for each document.

File Hierarchy


This folder includes installation, creating bootable media, choosing a desktop Etc.


This folder includes general use, desktop specific guides, upgrading / updating, GRUB, Bootloader Etc


This folder includes how to get support, using Engage Etc

File Naming Conventions

When adding new files, please follow the following file naming guidelines:

  1. File name must relate to the topic
  2. Must be in English and start with a capital letter
  3. All files must be in markdown format (.md)
  4. If using multiple words in the file name, use CamelCase and separate each word with a hyphen (eg:

Image Naming Conventions

All images are to be placed in the imgfolder.

When naming your images please name them using the name of your file and if multiple images, further name them with a number or heading for which they are under, for example: Contribution-Guidelines-Fork.png.

For images that are hosted in the repo to appear in documents on the Korora website they require the full path with ?raw=true appended e.g.


Tables of Contents

When there are 2 or more sub headings within a document, a Table of Contents should be included. They are simple to create using the sample below which includes the code for the table for this document and the first heading.

**Table of Contents**  

- [How To Contribute](#how-to-contribute)
- [File Hierarchy](#file-hierarchy)
    - [GettingKorora](#gettingkorora)
    - [UsingKorora](#usingkorora)
    - [GettingHelp](#gettinghelp)
- [File Naming Conventions](#file-naming-conventions)
- [Image Naming Conventions](#image-naming-conventions)
- [Tables of Contents](#toc)

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## How To Contribute

Anyone with any questions or unable to contribute in this format please contact us at