Getting help with Korora

There are a number of ways of getting help with Korora - Korora uses a custom open source support system called Engage. We feel it's pretty self explanatory, but some details on how to use it are available here.

If using irc please ask your question and be patient. If someone knows the answer they will reply.

Engage uses a powerful syntax system which allows you to format your posts and add active links, images etc. The syntax is covered in detail at

Korora is based on community involvement so please help out where ever you can. If you can contribute to a discussion on Engage or irc please jump in.

Engage Guidelines

To make using Engage enjoyable and useful for everyone there are some guidelines. While they are mostly common sense and good manners please take the time to read through them, there isn't that much.

We want to foster a polite, positive, intelligent and fun environment for the Korora Community. In order to achieve that, the following rules are designed to provide a measure of what's acceptable.

  1. Don't be rude. Treat others with respect and always be courteous and polite, even if you disagree. Insulting, inflammatory or personal attacks will be not tolerated.

  2. Use clean civil language (no swearing). Remember that some of our members are younger than others.

  3. Using ALL CAPS to emphasise your point should be avoided.

  4. Do not post inappropriate content, such as spam, advertising, pornographic material or anything that violates copyright.

  5. Stay on topic and don't hijack a thread meant to help someone.

  6. Search for any existing threads that might match your needs and only make a new thread if required.

  7. The preferred language is English. We might not be able to help you if you use another language, but we may try!

  8. Administrators will monitor all threads and have the right to edit or delete posts which don't meet these guidelines at their discretion. We hope not to do this, but users who violate the above rules may also be banned.

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