Tour of Korora Software ("I Need a Program That Does This")

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One of the core aims of the Korora Project is to provide an out-of-box Linux experience that can take care of the average's users daily needs with entirely free software. To save you the trouble of digging through every preinstalled application, we have compiled a list of the prepackaged applications within each version of Korora that fulfill a specific purpose. This will hopefully save you some trouble from immediately downloading more software when the right tool may already be installed.

Common Packages and Desktop Differences

Of the five supported desktop environments for Korora, four of them are GNOME/GTK-based. As a result, they carry many packages inherited upstream from GNOME. The fifth desktop environment, KDE Plasma, has its own suite of applications and diverges heavily from the rest. The KDE applications tend to use the Qt framework rather than GTK.

Because of KDE's significant differences, we cannot list many packages on this page that are truly common between all five DE's. However, some do exist, including those that are added by Korora. They are listed below. For the packages that are included in each specific desktop, please visit the page for that particular desktop environment.

GTK-based desktops

Qt-based desktops