Tour of MATE Software ("I Need a Program That Does This")

Table of Contents

One of the core aims of the Korora Project is to provide an out-of-box Linux experience that can take care of the average's users daily needs with entirely free software. To save you the trouble of digging through every preinstalled application, we have compiled a list of the prepackaged applications within each version of Korora that fulfill a specific purpose. This will hopefully save you some trouble from immediately downloading more software when the right tool may already be installed.

The MATE Desktop largely uses GNOME applications for its inventory of existing programs. However, as MATE is itself a fork of GNOME 2, MATE maintains several forks of GNOME apps in order to better maintain their aesthetic within the classic GNOME 2/desktop paradigm. These include MATE's own Image Viewer and Document Viewer, based on upstream GNOME programs.

On top of this, there are additional packages added by Korora.

Office Applications

PURPOSE: I Need To Edit Some Documents

Image Editor

PURPOSE: I Need to Touch Up Some Photos

Image Viewers

PURPOSE: I Just Want to Look at Some Photos

PDF Readers


RSS Reader


PURPOSE: I Need to Scan a Document

Multimedia Players

PURPOSE: I Need to Play Some Music or Video

  • VLC (Audio and Video player; supports most multimedia formats with no additional codecs)
  • Audacious (Audio player)

Multimedia Ripping and Conversion

PURPOSE: I Need to Rip My CD or DVD

Desktop Recording and Screen Capture Tools

PURPOSE: I Need to Take a Screenshot

Sound and Video Editing



Audiovisual Communication

PURPOSE: I Need to Call / Video Conference With Someone

Chat Applications

  • Pidgin (IM app, has compatibility with AIM, Google Talk, XMPP, etc.)
  • HexChat (IRC Client)

Torrent Client

System Applications

  • GParted (Modify and delete system partitions)
  • Backups (Create a backup of your system)
  • ownCloud (Self-hosted file sync and share platform)
  • Redshift (Screen temperature adjustment / blue-light reduction tool)