Troubleshooting Tips

Before asking for help there are a few things you can do to solve the problem yourself. Even if they don't completely fix the issue the information gathered will help anyone providing support to you.

  1. Is the problem consistent? Does it recur in a regular manner, can it be reproduced on demand? When did it first occur?

  2. If you have problems with an application run it from a terminal and note any errors and messages. Check help, is there a log file or a log option?

  3. Is the system up to date? Did the problem first occur after a recent update? Review the update for any associated packages.

  4. Create a new user and test again. Does problem exist when run as a different user? If no then it is a configuration issue.

  5. Check preferences, e.g. some applications have an option to use system defaults or its own setup.

  6. If the system has an alternate application does the problem still occur? e.g. if playing media is an issue try with another media player.

  7. If searching the internet for help search for Fedora as well as Korora.

  8. If using Gnome test under both Xorg and Wayland logins.

If these tips don't help you solve the issue please search Engage for a similar problem and if there are none, start a new thread. In the thread detail the steps you have taken and the results. Also provide your basic system details such as version of Korora, the Desktop Environment you are using and any applicable hardware .