Using Engage

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Engage is your official portal to the Korora Community. Here you can search through the available questions and thanks that other members have posted. Alternatively, submit your own and let the community help you.

Using Engage is simple but here are some tips to ensure you quickly find the right answer to your question.

When you open Engage there is a brief introduction that includes links to Engage Guidelines and the Syntax used. Please review these before using Engage.

There are 2 options for creating a new Engage item. The first is to ask a question. The second is to Say Thanks.

Asking a Question

Before starting new item use the search facility to see if your question has already been answered. Many questions are asked more than once but why wait for someone to answer you if the issue has already been discussed. Also check the documentation section for any guides that may answer your question.

If you do start a new item include all relevant information. This includes the version of Korora and the Desktop Environment you are using. If the problem concerns a hardware issue include the model of the hardware. Also mention any changes you have made to the system such as drivers installed. If you want to add output from a command or log and it is more than 10 lines please use a paste service such as fpaste. Fpaste is included in Korora, see man fpaste for details. See below for adding links to Engage. For adding a few lines of output see Text Boxes below.

Next detail the issue, specifically the steps needed to recreate it. Also mention what you have tried so far. If you used a guide from another site please provide a link to that guide.

Common Engage Syntax Questions

There is a link to the Engage Syntax in the introduction on the Engage page. There is also a question mark above reply box that links to the information. However here are a couple of items that are used regularly.


While there are a number of ways to add a link, simple links can be made by enclosing the url in greater than and less than symbols. E.g.


Text Boxes

When posting small text outputs please use text boxes. Text in text boxes will be properly formatted and easier to read. Note for larger amounts of text, more than 10 or so lines, use a paste service such as fpaste. To create a text box open and close it with 3 x backticks, E.g.

paste your text here