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Cant install updates using Yum Extender

Hi I'm a beginner. I recently updated from Korora 24, so now i have Korora 25. My issue is i tried installing updates through the Yum Extender, when i had Korora 24, i would always get error issues. Now that I have the updated Korora 25, i have the same problems with installing updates in Yum Extender. I have tried using the sudo dnf updates command to update the packages, but each time i get the message, sudoer name not recognized or something like that. Also i have tried using the su dnf update command and that also gives me a message, su user name not on file or something to that effect. My question is am i putting in the right commands? If so, how do i get the su or sudo commands to recognize me? I have the Cinnamon version. Any help would be appreciated, thx in advance.

If sudo isn't set up you need to use su - , note the space and dash. You will be asked for your root password and then you will have a root shell. There you can run dnf --refresh upgrade.

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