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Donations and Telegram

Is this project still accepting donations? I just tried and the transaction did not go through. Also, apparently, the kids these days are using Telegram and communities are setting up groups in Telegram. Is there a chance that the Korora project community will start a Telegram group?

The donations issue has been reported to our site admin. As far as I know we are still accepting donations as we are, e.g. still paying hosting for this site.

I'm not aware of anyone asking about a Korora group on Telegram. If there is interest we could set one up but I don't know if any of our team has an account there. I know there is a group on Riot and an unofficial one on Reddit. These are in addition to our main social media outlets on Twitter, Google + and Facebook.

We have been unable to reproduce the donation issue. Maybe try again and let us know how it goes.

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