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Firefox won't sync on Korora 26

I installed Korora 26 yesterday, already in love with it but my mainly used browser, Firefox just does not sync data. I get "failed to connect to sync" message every time I start up, even local history list is cut short. Not sure if this is on firefox's side or korora's side, anyone knows how to solve this ?

Not sure what's going on but Firefox sync is working fine on my install of K26 KDE Plasma. Did you verify through email after you logged in to your FF account? Which desktop do you use by the way, not sure if that could be related but it helps when tracking down issues.

Another option would be to remove the .mozilla folder from your Home directory so you can start FF fresh and try again.

What also comes to mind is that it could be a server problem at mozilla's end where the data is stored.

I removed .mozilla and it works now, thanks. I thought reinstall was enough. I use GNOME desktop.

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