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Goodbyes and Hellos

It's with great sadness, for me at least, to announce I am no longer going to be working on a community edition for Korora. It was my hope that with some interest and hope one of the two awesome developers Chris or Ian would return to this great project if not in deed, but maybe in word and help keep at least a community edition going. However, I have realized this is not the case, in fact it was quite the opposite Chris came back and told everyone to no longer use Korora. I'm assuming that meant community or any official version. Though it's a bit heart breaking, I can respect his decision and since this is his project I am forced to move along as well. However stock Fedora will most likely never be good enough for me. There's always new hardware, some wireless card I end up purchasing cheap on a whim or so new remote from a gaming console I want to work and these, to some oddities, never get on the Fedora radar. Sometimes it's licensing or sometimes it's something like Fedora not supporting out of kernel modules, or sometimes it's just not in the scope or direction Fedora wants to go, but never the less, I end up packaging something. If I am packaging something I might as well share and if I am going to share packages I might as well create some repos, kickstarts and an ISO.

So Chris might be done.. Ian might be done (I hope not with lens).. Korora might be done.. but I am not done...

So I put up a page, http://unitylinux.org, copied some of what I was working on to a new gitlab project http://gitlab.com/unity-linux and started all over again. For the last week I have been creating some basic XFCE ISOs. Really just to play with themes (branding) and to tweak the existing build system. We have a freenode IRC channel #unitylinux if you want to stop on by or a forum at http://discuss.unitylinux.com if you want to leave suggestions, comments, test or just be a part of the community. If I don't see you in our community I hope to see you around. Hopefully someday I'll see you all back here, but until then I hope you're blessed in whatever Linux community you chose to be a part of.

Thanks for what you have done and it has been fun up to now. See you at Unity Linux.

Wow, sorry to read this about Korora Jeremiah!

I like the look of your Unity .iso download page


Hope you get some traction with the new brand.

It's a pity, I just got your K29 spin working pretty good in the last few weeks.




This is really sad news. I was really hoping Korora would survive and continue many years down the road. I'm a fan of Fedora but more of a fan, and avid user, of Korora. I guess I will head over to Unity and check it out and hope other DE get developed other than XFCE. Thanks to Chris and Ian for all they did with the Korora distribution. And thanks to Jeremiah for what he is doing. Keep up the good work, @jmiahman

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