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Graphics performance very poor

I have Korora 25 on an imac with an ATI Radeon HD 5750 graphics card. The performance on games CSGO and minecraft has become really poor. The graphics occasionally seems a bit jumpy at other times too - using vlc. Otherwise K25 is running beautifully.

Both mincraft and CSGO were okay in K23 and CSGO seemed fine when K25 was first installed, but for some reason things have gone downhill.

Can anyone help me work out why?


#  lspci | grep -i VGA
 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Broadway PRO [Mobility Radeon HD 5850]

The card listed here is Broadway (HD 5850) not juniper (HD 5750) - but I cannot find any information on whether this matters.

Unfortunately AMD no longer offers proprietary drivers for their cards so that option is no longer is available. But first a couple of things you didn't mention, which desktop are you using? Is the system up to date?

Was there a particular point when you noticed the difference? if so what happened at that point?

Many people were having some issues with VLC but a recent update seems to have fixed that.

If you haven't done so try removing unburden, it probably won't help but the latest version is known to cause various issues, sudo dnf remove unburden-home-dir.

BTW I edited your second post to put the output in a code box, click on the question mark above the reply box to see the syntax options.

The desktop is gnome and it is up to date.

I can't pinpoint what happened when it slowed down - might have updated the system, added a drive to the fstab and some symbolic links. Not much else I don't think except a few apps - Lollypop, ppsp, geary, gthumb ....

VLC is a bit strange -the window no longer fits with gnome - its blue - and if I do something like choose minimal interface the content flickers as the mouse moves across the window? Don't know what has happened but it is a bit annoying.

BUT I did get rid of unburden and minecraft and csgo are back to how they were - Thanks. CSGO has a fps rate of about 60-80 on full res. Could be better but this is playable apparently!

Thanks ozjd

Okay glad we found some improvement. As you are using Gnome you could try using Xorg login instead of Wayland.

I'm not really sure what is happening.

This morning the fps with wayland seems to be back down to 30-50, with the same settings as last night, and very jerky. I did try xorg first and it was much worse. I haven't done anything except try logging in with xorg to test everything and then restarting.

Always when starting csgo (with wayland) the screen gets very messed up and there is a warning that opengl is not responding. After hitting wait it eventually opens.

As an aside vlc was much better with xorg - the skin was correct and the interface didn't flicker.

It seems that AMD has released a new open source driver for Linux, which is the good news, but it only supports newer cards and so you miss out. There is a Fedora Forum thread where it is mentioned.

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