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Help with Evolution

Gnome Desktop using Evolution for email, calendar, contacts and tasks - the last 3 synced with Gmail. Everything works fine but there are two issues I cannot resolve, so any assistance to resolve these would be appreciated:

  1. I cannot permanently change the colo(u)rs for the calendars I use. They can be changed for the session but after a reboot they revert to "some" default. Is there a way to keep my changes permanent?

  2. Likewise the Contacts - Current View can be changed to my preference - "List View", but it reverts to "Address Card View" after reboot. Can the change to List View be made the default?

Neither issue is major but it is irritating to have to change these settings repeatedly. Thanks. jjd

I don't use Evolution but did a search for your issues and haven't found any other reports. I have asked on irc for you too.

I did ask on irc but there is no response there. I don't think many use Evolution. I know some prefer Thunderbird.

However I did find a bug report that seems connected.

Hi Many thanks for your help. I have used Thunderbird but wanted to try Evolution as part of my assessment of Korora 25 v Mint 18. Yesterday I made the same changes to Evolution in Mint and the colors and contacts view did not change, which indicates it is a Fedora/Korora issue. I will go through the suggestions in the link you gave and see if that helps. Again thanks. jjd

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