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how to update dash-to-dock extension ?

I assume Korora 25 is shipped with the dash-to-dock shell extension v55 by default ("about" says version : 0.55.git5e531c0b16f3db4b8a7aa5588e757f4bfb7a1b8a). Now even though this extension has received new versions (current is v59), it seems I can't update through normal process (that would be : go on the gnome extension website and update). Neither can I remove the extension and install it again. Neither can I install it manually (installing it in .local/share/gnome-shelle/extensions) does not do anything. Does anyone knows how to update dash-to-dock extension in Korora ? thanks ! A

Thanks for the report. I don't use Gnome but will ask on irc for you.

thanks ! waiting for your feedback :)

There hasn't been any response yet so I'm guessing the person that handles packaging is unavailable at the moment. However I have created an issue to ensure it is updated for 26.

I'll ask again on irc this evening.

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