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how to update dash-to-dock extension ?

I assume Korora 25 is shipped with the dash-to-dock shell extension v55 by default ("about" says version : 0.55.git5e531c0b16f3db4b8a7aa5588e757f4bfb7a1b8a). Now even though this extension has received new versions (current is v59), it seems I can't update through normal process (that would be : go on the gnome extension website and update). Neither can I remove the extension and install it again. Neither can I install it manually (installing it in .local/share/gnome-shelle/extensions) does not do anything. Does anyone knows how to update dash-to-dock extension in Korora ? thanks ! A

Thanks for the report. I don't use Gnome but will ask on irc for you.

thanks ! waiting for your feedback :)

There hasn't been any response yet so I'm guessing the person that handles packaging is unavailable at the moment. However I have created an issue to ensure it is updated for 26.

I'll ask again on irc this evening.

I see where the issue states it has been updated and closed. Do you think just the extension was updated in the repo or the issue with updating the preinstalled extentsion? Also, is the extension going to continue to be updated in the repo? They just recently updated it again on sept6. I wonder if axelmeunier ever got it updated on his current install?

hi no my version on K25 is still the same it was when i sent the message. so i suppose only K26 will have a newer version (though not the newest one...) but there apparently is no way to update dash-to-dock after that. cheers

It was updated ready for the 26 release but as noted above it has been updated again. I've re-opened the issue and hopefully it will be updated before 26 is released which will be very soon. (Final testing ISOs are being prepared as I type this).

Sounds good. Hopefully/maybe something will change in the 26 release, and it will update like normal? I'm looking forward to both the newer dash to dock extension (there are some issues i have that have been fixed in newer releases) as well as korora 26 release. Thank you for all the work.

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