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Is it possible to change my account email address?

Hi everyone,

I would like to change my email address. From looking at my user profile settings, there is no obvious way to do this.

I know I could create a new account with a new email, but I would like to keep my username if possible. It matches my nick on Freenode IRC.

As I understand it that can only be done by the site admin. I'll ask on IRC for you as only firnsy has that access at the moment. However the email notifications are broken at the moment and so there is no immediate benefit from changing it.

Update: it seems firnsy isn't currently logged in to irc. He uses Riot and that linking hasn't been very reliable lately. I'll contact him directly for you.

Okay, thank you. As discussed in IRC, it is part of my effort to boycott all Google services. I'll know when the email has changed because my avatar will go blank once it is no longer linked with that gmail account.

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