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Korora 25 no audio output via USB DAC

Hello, new to korora! I installed korora 25 and everything seems to work great and it looks amazing! However I can't get any sound I use a Schitt Modi 2 USB DAC, and at first I couldn't even get it to recognize on settings -> sound -> output. But I switched it to another USB port and then restarted my system and i can now see it as a Digital out (S/PDIF) - USB Modi device but when I test it I don't get anything. I also get an option for analog output - USB Modi device but that also doesn't do anything either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Check in Pulseaudio volume control on the last tab, Configuration, to confirm PA sees it. Then check on the output devices tab that it is selected and isn't muted.

While playing sound in an application you can also set the output device per application on the Playback tab but this is rarely needed.

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