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Network Access mac to linux and versus

Korora installed macbook pro (no dual boot) directly. El capitan installed on other mac.

Filesystem on Mac (HFS) with hfsplus actived, smb actived …

On LAN, I connected has Korora to access to my network to access to files from Mac Capitan. With Files manager (Korora), I can easely connect to my network purpose BUT if I use firefox and want to import any file. I can not because the network function is not accessible. No button to browse my network … Why?

My second question:

Is this that Fedora knows how to work with afp:// or must it SMB?

I do not use windows. Only Mac and Linux.

How to make a sharing files on Korora simply (GUI)?

Thanks to your support!

I'm not familiar with Macs and know little about networking but I've asked on irc for you. Which desktop are you using?

Many thanks! I use XFCE and tried with gnome (no better result)

I'm usually long winded, but maybe i can point you down the right path. If looking for a gui you could try system-config-samba application. It is a gui for setting up samba shares. It might help. I never noticed the the firefox issue before. I see how annoying that is now. Must be an issue with firefox or files. As a work around, you could make sure the share is mounted with gnome files first. Then in firefox and you need to browse to the location where this is usually mounted. Should be somewhere around /run/user/1000/gvfs or similar directory. That is where it mounts the share on my system. If you poke around in this area, you should be able to find what you are looking for. Hope this helps some.

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