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newb fluxbox, conky lua cool beans

First up - this is my first long term test of Korora. I have briefly tested in the past when i went through testing all the main distros. I liked it - considering it in a top ten list for my user needs (I am a starving artist - traditional and digital - part tech savvy, willing to open and use the terminal when needed - got hooked on GNU Linux). For the builders - this is one of the slickest looking distros (interface). Nice custom styles to choose from. Runs the software I use (Mypaint, Inkscape, Gimp).

I installed E21 along with XFCE - two of my favourite desktop paradigms. E21 seems buggy with VLC so have to try other media players for that. I also love Fluxbox and installed that - but it doesn't pick up on the programs and folder systems. In other distros i have tested - when I install Fluxbox the programs and file system shows up in the Fluxbox menu. Is this maybe an error during installation or is there no support for Fluxbox in Korora?

I have installed conky to keep an eye on the old laptop I am testing on - a Dell D430 - and yes things are running remarkable well - testimate to your team and Fedora! In fact Korora is in my top ten because I have briefly tested an several old systems and it is one of 5 distros that never failed to work - that is no major conflicts, or need to dig in / track things down to get everything working (Broadcom no problem, Commercial DVD playing - no problem, various old hardware - no problem). Back on Conky: I like using the LUA coding to get the ring style gadgets. Is this supported - is there a testing repository I need to check in the YUM package manager - or can I just use the terminal.

Best regards

Welcome to Korora and thanks for the feedback.

I'm not aware of anyone using Fluxbox on Korora but it should work as it does in Fedora. I suspect that something is missing but I'm not sure what that would be. A quick search didn't bring up anything recent on setting up Fluxbox either. Even the page on Fedora's wiki is 5 years old and doesn't contain much useful information.

I agree about VLC. It has been buggy lately. I find Parole works better on Xfce for many formats.

I'm not sure what you are asking about Conky. You can use any Conky setup you wish but as Fedora has the latest 1.10 version of Conky there may be issues with some configs that were written for the earlier versions. There is an automated updater for configs that works well for simple ones but doesn't handle more complex configs as well. There are a few guides to updating the Conky config to the 1.10 format.

Yeah I am going to have to research Fluxbox some. I am not sure if it is just an obscure choice - but I do like it a bit better then Open Box - haven't checked if there are other similar windows managers - - er JWM - but a bit tepid on that one.

I should have mentioned that in testing E on other distro platforms I have also had the issue with VLC.

On the conky - I do have it up and running. I was referring toe the Lua rings that can make for cool looking gauges. I did a look up and found the Lua - now just have to tinker installing when I get a chance.

Long term test starting out great.

Thanks much for getting back to me!

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