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[SOLVED] Owncloud Client does not show up

Hi there,

i tried to install the nextcloud client and it worked. I was able to configure it and it loaded all my files to the desired location. After the setup, if I try to open the client, nothing happens. Also the little statusbar icon doesn't show up. Nextcloud itself seems to work just fine. The files are there, the folder shows the green arrow-icon and the process is running.

But i want this GUI-Client to set things up and see if there are any problems. So I uninstalled nextcloud, and installed owncloud, after i read that nextcloud doesn't really use an own client. I installed it, but not even the setup dialog shows up when I try to start it (but the process is running).

I'm using Korora 25 with GNOME (3.22.2) and installed every update.

Edit: Wow, just after i hit the "save" button on this post, i discovered the little cloud-symbol in the bottom left corner. I feel stupid now, but is really small and... but I feel happy now. It's first of 6 distros I tried this week where everything works :)

Thanks for reading :)

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