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polkit issues after K26 upgrade

Today I decided to finally upgrade from K25 to K26. After the install, logging in is extremely laggy, and I get an empty PolicyKit Agent error instead of a prompt to enter my password. I've been trying to figure this one out for a few hours but have gotten nowhere. XFCE gives me the error, but KDE doesn't. I'm not able to connect to any wiifi network in either due to permission issues. Also, when I go to shut down it just logs me out and automatically logs me in again unless I am root.

K26 went EOL (End Of Life) on the 29th of May which means it won't receive any updates anymore. The best advice i could give you is either download the Fedora 28 spin you like and install that because the Korora Project team is on a break and we're not releasing any new ISOs at this point. See this news item that was posted in May: https://kororaproject.org/about/news/time-for-a-break

Or..... download one of the two Community maintained test ISO's of Korora 28, Xfce or Gnome, which are build and provided by one of our former team and community member JMiahMan. Remember thoug these's two ISOs are not recommended for day to day use as of yet. News about that can be found here: https://kororaproject.org/about/news/the-community-is-working-on-korora-28

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