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Recent Repository update on Korora 25

I just updated Korora 25 via Yum Extender DNF. There was a package with Korora repositories on the update list. I've stuck with the default Korora repositories in the past. After the update installed this package I'm showing package updates from the updates-testing repositories. Is this normal?

We are aware of the problem. Our lead developer said on IRC that a fix will be on it's way on Sunday. On a sidenote, you should install dnfdragora and remove Yum Extender after that because it isn't maintained anymore, the developer of Yumex-dnf announced that there would be no future development.

A fix has been released, please update the korora-repos package, it's version 25-0.9 and check if updates-testing is disabled after you updated.

Thanks for the replies. I installed the new repo package and it fixed the repositories. I did an update afterward and everything went OK and the system restarts OK. I also installed the recommended dnfdragora and its associated gui. There were no more packages to update so I'll try the program the next time I do a system update.

You're most welcome and thanks for the feedback. Good to know everything turned out fine.

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