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Release of Korora 23 is it a LTS

Hello everyone I was wondering how long is Korora 23 supported for

The reason I ask is I have a older Dell Latatude 610 that is a 32 bit and only allows me to install Korora 23 on it, yea I know it's strange at first I assumed this machine has some kind of hardware failure and yet maybe it does but Korora installs with out any errors what so ever and I find that really strange

I've tried a few other lightweight distros like Lubuntu, Kubuntu, Linux light but I get a lot of errors and cannot install anything else on this machine

Thanks for any help with this

As Korora is built on Fedora we follow Fedora's release timetable. As a result Korora 23 went EOL late last year. You should update to Korora 24 or 25. As you need a light desktop Xfce or Mate will probably suit you best.

I tried updating to 24 but when I do its just breaks the system I followed instructions for one of Korina pages to upgrade

Is there something I need to do to upgrade with out breaking my system?

After I tried to upgrade nothing worked after that, I would like to update to 25 if possible

Thanks so much for any help with this

This is the documentation on upgrading to new versions. It includes a known issues link.

You will need to give more details on how the upgrade breaks. Did you see any errors? At what point did it fail?

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