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Upgrade K26 to F27 issues

Greetings! Urgently need attention!! When I upgrade my K26 release to F27 at friday on work, something goes very very wrong. I use standart way to upgrade, tried it before on VM and my home notebook. Everything was ok. But at work, after reboot , ather I enter my passphrase I see the black screen. Booting ib verboe mode shows me what system try to boot F27 release, but encounter some errors? e.g.:

  • Failed to start login manager
  • Failed to start firewalld
  • Failed to start lsb And thats all, I can not enter any tty or gui. I have the Bunsenlabs on the other drive, but I can not to mount my encrypted disk to backup some data. So, what i the solution? Try to boot from liveUSB or some other way to boot

PS thr PC have nvidia geforce 7600 GT installed, may be it is the problem?
PSS Forget to say, I have only Kororar 25 Gurgle on my boot screen to select. 4 options for K25 and one for rescue kernel, but noone working. lb_relese when I boot last time shows the Korora 26 release

Now I load from liveUSB with F27, mount my disk and backup all major data. What next? Trying to reinstall GRUB? or completely reinstall the system? Can I restore system while installing without lost of all data and packages?

Its look like Selinux relabel in progress... Lets wait fir a while

What drivers are you using for the video card? if you are using nvidia drivers how did you install them? If from RPMFusion it should be okay but otherwise it may break.

Unfortunately trying to sort upgrade issues can be difficult and time consuming. It is often simpler to reinstall.

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