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What happened to my icons? (after upgrade to 25)

I've been running 22 for a while. I tried upgrading to 25 from 22, but ran into some issues. So, I changed and upgraded to 23, however, most of my installed packages are 24/25 now. My Korora is syncing with the 25 servers, my release says 25. So, I guess I'm running 25.

However... After the upgrade, all of the icons on my desktop, no longer reference their associated program. Also, when I open Thunar, my icons for the files/folders are not there, so I can't see if something is a folder or a file. Finally, the quick menu on the left-side of the screen, half the icons are missing.

What can I do to get them back?

Also, I should mention I'm running XFCE and that on my START menu/dropdown the "All Settings" and "Lock Screen" icons are blank white squares with red X's on them.

From memory 22 used the Korora icon theme which was an extended version of the Numix Circle theme. Our additions were accepted into Numix so the icon theme was changed to the Numix Circle. You should have it already installed so go to Settings - Appearance - Icons and select Numix Circle.

This was covered in the Upgrade Known Issues document. There is an Xfce specific section. You might also want to look at the LightDM section.

I would have opted for a clean install instead of going the upgrade route, it has probably been said before that it would have saved you a lot of time and trouble. Next time don't wait too long before upgrading and go from release to release or perform a fresh install. :)

Thanks guys! Next time I will definitely update sooner. I was going with the "If it ain't broke don't fix it" theory.

Now, I'll just go with "keep up with the jetsons" theory.

The "If it ain't broke don't fix it" theory maybe works for Linux Mint and the Ubuntu LTS point releases but it certainly doesn't apply to Fedora and Fedora based distributions like our Korora. Once a Fedora/Korora release reached the EOL (End Of Life) status (approx. 13 months after it's release) it doesn't receive any updates/security updates/patches anymore and can be considered vulnerable.


Good to know!

I understand that Korora 25 now has rolling releases though right? So upgrading should be very easy from here out?

No, Korora has no rolling release, is not a rolling release at all and never will be. Please read through the fedora life cycle documentation for which I gave a link in the previous reply. Everything is explained there.

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