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I'm not giving up on Korora

I'm sorry to hear about the needed break. (https://kororaproject.org/about/news/time-for-a-break) While I fully understand that the workload upon the current team has been overwhelming, I hope that the future will see Korora's rejuvenation and the focus on creating more opportunities for the team to grow. That's the only way to keep the pace without anybody burning out.

I have been self-teaching in Linux and system administration for several years. On the Debian side of the Linux family tree, I've been tinkering and experimenting with both Debian and Devuan. When I want to have a system "just work" I install a *buntu variant.

And on the mainstream RPM side, I experiment with Fedora, but if I want a system for desktop use, I go for Korora. That is why I feel Korora is important and worth supporting.

I can be seen as a passionate Linux user who really wants to support the free/open-source world of projects. I have been unemployed for several years due to depression, but on my good days I have quite a bit of time to contribute to the best of my abilities.

I don't work well without structure, so being motivated to help with projects like Korora is key to being productive. If you give people like me a chance to step up and take on a greater responsibility, it will snowball. And for me, keeping busy and feeling good about my work will help combat the depression, so it really is a win-win scenario.

Did you see this? Those systems are quite stable as they are built on Fedora 28. Testing them is a good way to contribute to Korora.

Yes! I knew that others would step forward to help. I am sure there will be enough of us to keep the ball rolling, all we need is good communication.

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