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Korora 28 Xfce beta: so far so good

I installed Korora 28 Xfce beta on a USB 3.0 flash drive. There were no surprises or bugs that I noticed. The only issue was the following message during a "dnf update" done in a terminal:

/usr/share/man/da/man1/vim.1.gz No such file or directory cannot reconstruct rpm from disk files

I hope the developers can find the time to release 28, as Korora is much more usable than Fedora due to the codecs and other non-free, but necessary, software.

Thanks for the feedback, it's appreciated. Keep in mind that it's a Community release done by JMiahman and not a release done by the team. There won't be a official K28 release since our lead dev is still on a break and we don't know how long it may last. :-) If you find issues on the K28 Community isos then please report them here: https://gitlab.com/korora/buildkorora/issues/

Just did the same here (on a USB 2 flash drive) and it seems pretty good. The initial boot menu didn't seem like it would let me get to the "Troubleshooting" field for whatever reason (maybe it's me ;-) Hitting the TAB key just put GRUB boot parameters at the bottom of the screen. NEVER MIND, A WIRELESS KEYBOARD MUST HAVE BEEN THE PROBLEM. :-) I love this distro and would like to be more helpful testing the XFCE spin but I'm not really sure where to begin. Many thanks to Jeremiah for taking the time to package a K28 XFCE .iso! I was just looking sadly at my K27 updated desktop despondent that it was at the end of the line. Thanks again! Mark

There is a guide we use when testing ISOs. It isn't comprehensive but covers most things. That is a good place to start.

Any suggestions for improvements to the system or the guide would be appreciated.

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